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What to expect in your First Lesson Experience!

Welcome to my first blog! I absolutely love sharing my skills and you'll certainly gain considerable insight into a host of processes and techniques if you come to learn with me. I've developed a highly successive instructional technique over many years, and I pride myself in providing clear concise direction. Here find the basis of your first lesson experience with me. I hope you enjoy

We use a smooth white earthenware, that is SO mailable and tactile, it responds easily to slow speed wheel practise. There is time for you to make one very fine pot each, guaranteed! Here are Connor and Nicole with their freshly thrown pots as an example.

After around 24 hours, the pots are ready to turn and add coloured slip. Here are examples of 'dove grey' and 'sunburst' on the interior of Connor and Nicoles bowls after I've trimmed them. They look pale and pastel at this stage, but the colour really comes alive once the pieces are fired and glazed

I then scribe your name and date of making on the base of your pots. This is a technique called ‘sgraffito’. The lettering is scratched through the top layer of coloured slip to reveal the white clay body. My first love in the creative arts was for calligraphy, so this finishing touch is a delight for me to complete your pieces! Here's my own signature :)

I then glaze and fire your pots in a transparent glaze that really enhances the colour. This is included in the price, and your pieces are ready for collection within a couple of weeks of your lesson, (up to one month at busy times).

If you’re keen to finish and colour your own pots, you can simply book another lesson. Your pots are stored carefully and will stay in excellent condition for really some time, so there is no rush and lessons are uniquely flexible. I hope this answers some FAQ for you, and welcome you to take the challenge. I promise you'll love it!

I Hope you've found this a useful read and do contact me @theportablepottery@gmail.com if you'd like more information.

Bye for now, Claire :)

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